Coworking spaces are the most versatile and cost-efficient means to work outside of your home office, and offer several benefits. In coworking spaces, you can enjoy the capability of a large office including conference rooms, lounges, briefing rooms, without the large overhead as the spaces are shared with others. Additional services are also offered without the need for dedicated staff making the entire working experience more comprehensive and complete at a fraction of the overall cost. Not to mention, mingling with others!

NOBL offers a range of membership classes including silver, gold, and platinum – each offering different service levels and value packages. Daily passes are also available for the occasional user or guest, as are corporate membership packages for groups of 5 or more. To find out more details, visit our memberships page

You don’t need to worry about long-term and binding commitments at NOBL. We understand your business or professional needs are fluid and evolve continuously, as we do. This is why our members can subscribe from a daily to monthly basis with no minimum term and can cancel at any time. Also, members can upgrade or scale back their membership programs as needed giving even more flexibility. And to top it off, long-term subscribers gain additional benefits and value through our exclusive loyalty program.

As NOBL is an exclusive offering, only members with a day pass or monthly subscription can work in our spaces. However, visitors and guests are permitted for meetings in private offices, breakout rooms, and conference rooms, subject to prior booking and availability.

There is always a NOBL team member available for any questions you may have. Normally, you can find a team member at the front desk, however, you can also reach someone through our one-touch app. And for Platinum members, full business concierge service is also available at a moment’s notice. For new prospective members, you can also contact us through this website (

Our normal business operating hours for our co-working spaces and front desk is 9:00am through 5:30 pm daily. Only private offices can be used after-hours.

Meeting rooms such as conference rooms, breakout rooms, and private offices are booked on a first-come first-serve basis during normal operating hours. Our NOBL one-touch app provides an easy and fast way to check availability and book digitally your preferred slot, including any additional services you may require. Members can also book through our front desk coordinator, if you prefer a smiling face…

NOBL is a unique and versatile space ideally suited to small and medium-sized corporate events. With its luxury setting, and host of event service offerings, such as fantastic catering options, beverages and cocktails, entertainment, and hospitality services are available. Simply contact our exclusive events planner, NOBL
Events, to find out how far our imagination can take you. (

The best way to show you around is to book a special tour of NOBL, however if you happen to be in the area, drop-ins are also welcome. Come share a cup of coffee with us, and we will show you the ropes and what it feels like to be part of the NOBL world.