The ultimate business experience

Having the support you need is just as important as a place at which you can work, create, and collaborate. Our membership plans offer different levels of service support so that you can tap into just the right amount of resources you need. 

Personalized Concierge Service

Taking our business support to the next level, our concierge team at NOBL can also offer its members a full range of unmatched personalized services. From administrative and secretarial tasks, to business trip planning, surround yourself with a capable and motivated team to support your exclusive business needs.

State of the art one touch application

Simplicity in its purest form. Your digital concierge is there to make your business life hassle-free. Whether to connect you to our support team at the touch of a button, browse our extensive online-shop for service offerings, or to find out what’s happening at NOBL, you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Loyalty Program

Designed to bring you rewards on the products and services that interest you the most, our loyalty program gives its members added value that can be applied almost anywhere within the NOBL world. Simply use your rewards points to obtain a wide range of benefits – and don’t forget to check your APP regularly for special offers.

Networking Opportunities

Whether you forge new relationships with other NOBL members, expand your professional network at one of our many business events, or reach out to our select list of professional service providers, you now have an entire NOBL world within your every-day reach. Also find out from our team how you too can promote your talent and capabilities within our network.

Ambiance of Casual Luxury

Our spaces are designed to provide its members with luxury and functionality. De-centralized climate control, personal lockers, changing rooms, lounge areas, kitchen facilities, integrated audio-visual equipment, breakout rooms, private phone quarters, safety and security, and at certain NOBL locations, even integrated luxury private apartments for short-term stay. NOBL has everything to make your workday remarkable.

On-site barista & food services

Take a break from your busy schedule and savor a cup of freshly-brewed premium coffee. NOBL proves a range of beverages and light snacks on-site and fresh each day. And if you have a special preference, speak to one of our concierge team and we will do our best to make your daily routine – yours!

Catering Options

Complement your routine business meetings or corporate events with tantalizing flavors that are normally reserved just for those special occasions. With our unique partner NOBL Events elevating your experience, see what they can do to make your everyday workflow something refreshingly different.

More than just a workplace